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dimanche 22 avril 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

Vincent Bidault has been a nurse in child psychiatry since 1997. For several years, he has been using the game as a relationship and therapeutic mediator, notably in various workshops, first in a children’s day hospital and then in a day hospital for adolescents. .

In 2004, he obtained the university degree "Medicine and adolescent health" by supporting a thesis on the "playstation generation". This work was based on a questionnaire, to which 641 adolescents from the 6th to the final year were kind enough to answer, and on the behavioral and sociological analysis of their practices.

He participated, with Professor Marcelli, Dr. Catheline and the multidisciplinary team of Mosaïque, in the development of the game "the 8th dimension" published by the company Valorémis.

Solicited, as a trainer and clinician of the game, by Jean-Louis Roubira (co-creator of the game Feelings) he brought a critical eye especially for "Dixit" and "Fabula".

Since 2008, he supervises, as a trainer at Gerfi +, trainings, especially around the following themes : relational and therapeutic tool play, educational or therapeutic mediation supports, emotions, nurses role in child psychiatry service, role play workshop , ...

He is also involved in courses or training courses in nursing education institutes, CESCs, the speech therapy school for Medical-Educational Institutes, Educational and Educational Therapeutic Institutes, etc.

Role in the project "feelings" :
- designer, project manager
- co-creator
- project coordinator (manager of the self-organization, link between the various stakeholders and partners, ...)
- communication manager (internet, press, meeting, conference, training, ...)
- former

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