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lundi 7 mai 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

Jean-Louis Roubira is a child psychiatrist, he worked at the Henri Laborit Hospital Center in Poitiers in various departments, medico-psychological centers, day hospital for children, and as liaison psychiatrist in perinatality (maternity and neonatology department of CHU Poitiers) .

He has been involved for more than 15 years in an educational institution (CEFORD), welcoming teenagers out of school, often with serious conduct disorders.

Also a play author, he created the game Dixit, (publisher Libellud), currently distributed in many countries, but also used as a medium of mediation in many educational or care structures. He created with Régis Bonnessée (publisher Libellud), the game Fabula, at the crossroads of role playing and storytelling, a game also used by professionals.

Co-author of the game Feelings with Vincent Bidault, he participated with the latter in different experiences of creative workshops of the game, especially in colleges, and it helps to promote it to professionals of care, National Education, or the associative world, as a tool for promoting empathy.

Role in the project "feelings" : co-creator, project supervisor.

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