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Rules of the game

lundi 7 mai 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

1. The player draws the first "situations" card, chooses one of the three situations and announces it aloud to the other players.

2. Each player, including the player, must then select the emotion that is closest to the emotion he or she might feel in the situation.

3. The teams of 2 players are drawn. Players with team cards of the same color form a team on this turn.

4. Each player then selects the emotion he assumes chosen by his partner. If he thinks his partner has felt the same emotion as him, then he takes one of his Feeling cards. When the players are odd, the player does not receive a "team" card, he associates with one of the teams in play.

5. When everyone has completed the previous phase, each team reveals their choices. Everyone is free to comment on the emotion he / she has chosen, as well as the emotion chosen by their partner.

6. We then proceed to the counting of the points, team after team :
- When the two players of the same team have guessed the emotion of their partner, they both score 3 points.
- When only one of the 2 players has guessed the emotion of the other, the 2 players each score 1 point.
- If neither player guesses the emotion of the other, none scores a point.