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mardi 17 avril 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

Feelings is a game-concept born from multiple professional meetings, friendly and fun.

The first took place in 2011 with our colleagues who were looking for educational or therapeutic tools to work around emotions and empathy.

The second was the pooling of our practices and experiences. Following the request of our colleagues, we developed a fun concept around taking into account the other, and made different prototypes.

The third : teenagers. Since 2012, Feelings has been used regularly with adolescents with difficulties related to schooling.

The fourth meeting with the world of play associations and traditional publishers. We introduced the game to board game associations and publishers. The feedback was positive regarding the usefulness of such a project, especially in a professional perspective.

The fifth, associations fighting against all forms of discrimination. In 2013, we presented the concept "Feelings" during a call for projects from the town hall of the city of Poitiers, as part of the fight against discrimination. Thanks to the grant obtained as laureates, we were able to create a "local edition" version of 50 boxes with 150 new situations that were distributed to Poitevines associations in relation with the public concerned.

The sixth : the artist. It seemed to us preferable at first to represent the emotions by drawings, the image touching more than just a word. This is how Franck Chalard, a hospitable colleague but also a visual artist, joined the project. Each emotion could be represented by a character, first as sketches, then as real painted canvases.

The seventh meeting : National Education. From January to June 2014, with the agreement of the Academic Inspectorate, we conducted with 25 students of the Vienne, two experimental workshops of creation of a board game, animated by teachers and by the two authors of the game at the rate of 10 weekly sessions of one hour to one and a half hours in each college. These experiences are currently under development in some Health and Citizenship Education Committees (CESC). Finally, the game was used in two other colleges in the Vienne, where he was the subject of a medical thesis, as part of a prospective study on bullying. The first reports showed a significant decrease in the experience of harassment.

The next meetings will be ... with you ! We have decided to make Feelings an evolutionary game where everyone can take ownership of it, customize it via this website by creating their own situations in order to "stick" to the needs of students, families, patients, residents or association members.