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lundi 7 mai 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

While at first sight the game (source of pleasure) and training (workplace) seem to be incompatible, it seemed to us, in the light of our experience, that playful mediation was quite the contrary, a source of discovery and personal development within a group.

Using the game in training allows you to think about your professional practice, to make sense of it, to be able to distance yourself.

Using a concept game like Feelings as part of the training, we noticed that it encouraged the emergence of the group’s core values :

1. Meet the game :
- the discovery, the surprise,
- listening and assertiveness, risk taking,
- listening and understanding the other.

2. Individual reshuffling :
- a decentration to question,
- the ability to qualify, complement or change one’s point of view,
- the awareness of the other in its difference and its complementarity.

3. The group :
- cooperation (sharing, thinking together around a common goal),
- acquire new knowledge,
- make the best use of his creativity and his strengths.

4. Prospects :
- taking into account the individual in the collective, from individuals to the societal,
- get to know each other better and start a process of personal development,
- taking into account institutional, professional and even societal developments,
- discovery of another way to get in touch, to work in a team.

Beyond Feelings, playful mediation activity can allow an individual to become aware of a reality that he does not perceive, and thus to accept other points of view that can enrich his practice. Feelings, relying on emotions and empathy, is just a great facilitator of this consideration of the other.