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lundi 7 mai 2018, par Franck Halatre, Vincent BIDAULT

School bullying occurs when a student is subjected repeatedly and in the long term to intentionally aggressive behavior that is intended to injure, injure, distress and establish a dominant-dominated relationship on the part of a student. several students. Between 8 and 15% of students are victims of harassment. Being interested in this topic, I thought about a way to fight bullying. Harassment is linked to the failure of group dynamics (Dr. Catheline). Stalkers fail to put themselves in the victims’ shoes and victims are in trouble to express their emotions. Starting from this idea, I looked for a support that could allow to intervene closer to the students by making them active in order to mobilize their empathy and their alexithymia (inability to express their emotions).

Feelings was the ideal tool. At the same time playful, simple of use it allowed me to intervene in the classes. 4 classes in Vienna used the game for several sessions and afterwards we evaluated the impact on harassment. The game allows everyone to express their emotion but also to guess that of others, it can put themselves in the place of the other. This first experience has been positive and I hope to expand it on a larger scale.

Virginie Fougeret-Linlaud : I am at the end of internship, from the month of May, I will be a doctor within the day hospital part-time for teenager of Poitiers. I did my child psychiatry thesis on bullying and I used Feelings for this research.

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